Three Amazing Gift Ideas For Husbands

Jan 06, 2021

Whether it’s a birthday or the holidays, shopping for the man in your life isn’t always easy. You browse the gift shop aisles and pass the rows of beautiful, elegant objects for Her, then come across a sparse set of three shelves for Him. The predictable wash bag kit, comical T-shirt, classic beer mug or slippers often feel impersonal - especially when you’re shopping for your husband!

Your significant other is just that: significant, and you’re on the hunt for a gift that will reflect that. When it comes to showing them how much they mean to you, the best approach is often the personal one. Especially when you’re both leading busy lives, the time and effort put into tailoring a gift that’s as unique as your hubby is the most precious gift that you can give!

Fortunately, personalized gifts are much easier to come by these days - and the options are limitless!

Here are some classic objects that can be customized to reflect your admiration for the husband in your life:


To My Husband Premium Canvas

We all know the saying: “A man’s house is his castle”. And it’s no secret that every castle needs tasteful artwork to complete it! Your husband’s office or shed (or ‘man-cave’, if he has one) might not have room for a full set of standing armour or a rich tapestry - but I’ll bet there’s space for a personalised canvas or two on the walls!

Photos capture moments that are special to us. One great gift idea is immortalizing these moments on a beautiful canvas that will stand the test of time. And thanks for modern technology, it’s easier than ever to order a customized canvas with a perfect replica of your favorite photo with your husband!

If you’re feeling extra sentimental and looking to go all-out, you can even add a quote to the canvas as well! This could be a quote that’s significant to you as a couple, a line from your husband’s favorite book or film, or even a message custom straight from the heart!

For example, this gorgeous canvas is a perfect combination of a cherished photo and a thoughtful message!

Photo Prints

custom canvas print for husband

If you’re not sure that a canvas would actually claim a spot on his wall (especially if, yours has a collection of sports memorabilia all over the place), you can always go with an elegant photo print to frame!

The great thing about photo prints is that you can choose custom frames to match your decor. They’re also more versatile as they can either stand on a surface or hang on a wall. You can also move them from room to room and swap out their frame (in case, like me, you like to switch things up every now and then)!

It doesn’t mean you have to compromise on size or quality, either! The canvas print I just mentioned above, for example, comes in a 30x20 size and can be printed on beautiful matte paper.


Perfect Husband Mug

There’s a reason mugs are such a popular feature in gift shop selections. Think about it - everybody likes a hot drink now and then. Whether it’s coffee, tea, juice or something a little stronger, we all have a favorite mug that is ‘the one’. When a mug is the right shape and size (let’s be honest - even the rim thickness is a factor), it makes imbibing your daily brew of choice that little bit more gratifying.

Whatever your husband’s favorite drink is, there’s no doubt that a visual reminder of how important he is to you will boost his mood (especially first thing in the morning).

Mugs are easy to personalize with a text message or image. But even if you don’t personalize them, there are still a slew of fun, unique mug gift options that will bring a smile to your husband’s face.

I LOVE this cheeky mug from Family Gifts Co. Seriously, I can just imagine my husband saying this exact phrase with a smug grin on his face.

Of course, to grow up to be a ‘Perfect Freakin’ Husband’, he’d have to actually grow up first…

A final note about the benefits of photo prints as gifts for your husband is that the frame can add to the value of the gift! You could hand-make one (or even better, have your children join in on the fun), or purchase one from your husband’s favourite shop or charity!

In Conclusion:

These are just three of the many, many items out there that you can give the husband who ‘has everything’ on special occasions. Other winning ideas I’ve come up with when stumped are:
  • Tickets to his favourite event
  • A good book on a topic that interests him, or by a personality he admires
  • An experience voucher that the pair of you can enjoy together
  • Gift cards for that shop he always drags you into
Ultimately, though, it really IS the thought that counts. Whatever gift you choose for your husband, it's the time and attention to detail you put in that often makes the difference!