Gifts For Mom


Gifts For Mom 

She was one of the first people in your life, and still one of the most special. With hugs, love and support she is the person who was there for you, every step of the way. 

Mom. We all love our moms.

But we know balancing life is hard, and getting the best gift for Christmas, holidays or her birthday that will truly let her know how much you love her isn’t easy.

At Family Gifts we are here to help- it doesn’t matter if you're planning in advance or picking a last-minute gift- with one of our premium canvases or prints you can give her a gift that is unique, cool and thoughtful.

From glittering tropical beaches to breathtaking views from an ocean dock, this is a gift that will brighten up her home- and her smile!

Fully personalizable, your mom will find a beautiful image featuring the names of the people she loves and cherishes a unique and cool gift. 

In sizes small to large, one of our premium customisable canvases fits any home beautifully, brightening the room- and smiles!

A reminder- find your perfect size!

Our premium canvas's come in 3 different sizes. Even the smallest size is the perfect gift that your Mom will cherish forever.

  • 24"x16"
  • 36"x24"
  • 48"x32"

With 133 unique and gorgeous designs to choose from, all complete with an in-house pine frame and a satin finish, pick the perfect canvas that will make the best gift for mom.

We take our framing very seriously at Family Gifts Co. Pine frames are made in-house. 

Moreover, our top-notch package is specifically designed for safe transport. If you order more than one canvas, each canvas will be shipped separately each with a tracking number to ensure safe delivery. 

Our products are:

  • Ready To Hang
  • 1.5" depth for a premium look appearance
  • Full Gallery Wrapped and Framed Canvas
  • 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester, and Satin Finish

At Family Gifts, our community is backed by a strong support system of locals who are committed to bring you the best quality products which are 100% produced and shipped in the United States of America. 

We also have a 90- Day money back guarantee if you’re ever unhappy about our products. We’ll happily process a full refund, no questions asked! 

More importantly, all your details are kept safely and secured through a fully protected SSL security!

Family Gifts Co. has a consumer rating of 4.88 stars from 2,414 reviews on Jabber- most buyers are extremely satisfied with what they get! We rank 2nd among all Personalized gift sites!

Maybe because we are always offering sensational deals! We have premium gifts- not a premium price. Choose a gift from the selection below that is completely worth the money in showing your mom how you feel. 

Six Amazing American Moms- honour your own like we honour these incredible women:

Elizabeth cady Stanton

Elizabeth was a critical leader in the women’s suffrage and abolitionist movements, all while being mother to seven children. 

She worked alongside Susan B. Anthony to establish the National Woman Suffrage Association which got women the right to vote via the 19th Amendment. 

She gave speeches and wrote articles on universal suffrage, all while supporting education for girls, helping her two daughters study at Vassar and Columbia college. 

Mirror Elizabeth’s incredible support for her children, and the causes that have changed the world by showing your appreciation for your mom with one of Family Gifts premium gifts. 

Abigail Adams 

As wife of President John Adams, Abigail was the second first lady of the United States.

As John was often away for work, she single-handedly ran their farm, wrote letters supporting equal rights for women and abolitionism and educated their five children.

Their children included future president- John Quincy Adams, who called her “an angel on earth” 

Loving, supportive and fiercely intelligent- honor your mother in the same way we honour Abigail Adams, with one of Family Gifts premium gifts for mom. 

Alberta King 

Alberta King, mother to civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr, was a figure of charity and benevolence.

She was involved with women’s groups, the NAACP, YWCA, set up the Atlanta Ebenezer Baptist Church choir and raised her children to have self esteem and see segregation not as the natural order but as a social condition. 

Martin Luther King credits her influence as making him conscious of the injustice of segregation and fighting its imposed inferiority. 

In 1974, six years after her son was assassinated in Memphis, Alberta king was shot and killed while at church. 

Think about all the ways in which your mother- like Alberta king with Martin Luther King Jr, moulded you into the person you are today, with the beliefs and principles you possess. 

Don't you want to say thank you for that? 

You can with a stylish and special personalised gift for your mom from us at Family Gifts 

Mary Maxwell Gates 

The mother of Bill Gates, Mary served on the board of directors for corporations and nonprofit organizations in Seattle. 

She helped convince leaders at I.B.M. to hire Microsoft to create an operating system, and following that contract, Microsoft went on to achieve massive success.

Gates encouraged her son to focus on philanthropy, and ever since Bill Gates has been renowned for his work on charitable causes. 

As of 2015, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given billions in the global fight against HIV, polio, poor sanitation, Malaria and has been instrumental in improving educational opportunities worldwide.

Maybe your mom isn't as powerful as Mary Gates, but we're sure she nurtured you to be an empathetic and caring person in the same way. 

Say thank you today with a personalised gift at an affordable price from us at Family Gifts. 

Ann Jarvis 

Ann Jarvis was the woman who inspired the movement that made Mother’s day a national holiday. 

After almost all of her babies died of disease, with only four of a possible 13 surviving to adulthood, she was filled with an intense desire to help other mothers. 

She organised day work clubs to help provide medical care, improve sanitary conditions and raise money for medicines for poor and expecting mothers. 

Due to her legacy, President Woodrow Wilson established mothers day as a national holiday in 1914. 

Even if today it is far more commercialised than what Ann envisioned- the sentiment of appreciating mothers and all they do has never changed. 

A sentiment we're sure you share.

If mother's day is coming up- or any special day celebrating your mom- let her know how much all she means to you with a personalised gift from Family Gifts. 

About Our Premium Canvas Prints

Our top-notch package is specifically designed for safe transport. If you order more than one canvas, each canvas will be shipped separately each with a tracking number to ensure safe delivery.

About Our Premium Canvas Prints About Our Premium Canvas Prints
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