Four Picture-Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts For Dads

Dec 31, 2020

For many of us, Valentine’s Day is the first real celebration to break up the monotony of winter. By February, the magic of December’s festive season feels like a distant memory. We’ve spent January trying (and sometimes failing) to adhere to those lovely Resolutions like going to the gym or cutting just about everything delicious out of our diet. And then the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate appear in the shop windows..

The numbers speak for themselves: most of us love Valentine’s Day! In fact, a 2020 Finder survey showed that 61 percent of British people asked (32 million) planned to spend money on loved ones come February 14th! Even more interesting, however, is the comparison in spending based on genders. According to the same survey, men were looking to spend an average of £44 on the Big Day, and 9 percent of those quizzed even said they would spend more than £100.

Women, on the other hand, were looking to spend an average of £26 on their Special Someone and only 4 percent of them planned on hitting the £100 mark.

While it's true that men might not be as satisfied with a bundle of helium balloons, a fluffy teddy bear or a box of Belgian truffles as the average woman, this doesn’t mean they should be overlooked!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world as an opportunity to show those closest to our hearts just how deeply we care for them. And while boyfriends/husbands are certainly on the list, no one fits the bill better than the man who fills that Dad-shaped puzzle piece in all our hearts.

That’s right - Dads need appreciation, too! In Mexico, for example, Valentine’s Day is known as ‘The Day of Love and Friendship’, and is not exclusively romantic. Many people choose to give their parents special tokens of their love on February 14th. And there’s no reason why we all can’t do the same!

You might be tempted to reach for the chocolates (as a gift idea or, you know, in general), but before you do, why not think outside the (heart-shaped) box for a minute? Instead of going with the generic option, consider giving your Dad something worth a thousand words…

Yes. I’m talking about a picture.

Not just any picture, though. You want something that’s as unique as your relationship with your Dad. And nothing says ‘unique’ quite like a customized canvas print.

Here are four of my favorites to get the ball rolling:

Family Tree

I love this wood-inspired canvas by Family Gifts Co! Firstly, it’s super rustic and elegant at the same time, meaning it can fit in just about anywhere.

It’s also fully-customizable, and you can add up 12 different names!

Alternatively, here’s another take on the classic ‘family tree’.

I LOVE how you can pair your parent’s names together in the heart, and add yourself and your siblings (if they make the cut) underneath. In order of importance, of course…

Ocean Dock

Ocean Dock Color Multi-Names Premium Canvas

If your Dad is a fan of the Big Blue, then this canvas is the way to go. The great thing about this piece is how it combines your family’s names with a heart-warming quote!

Again, you could consider variations of this, depending on your Dad’s personal style. For example, if he’s not a huge fan of Black and White prints and prefers life in technicolour, you could go for this full-colour version, sans quote, to mix things up!

Metal Art

Tree Couple Names Metal Art
If your Dad isn’t the ‘artsy’ sort, don’t panic! I’ve added this awesome metallic piece to the list guaranteed to please even the manliest of menfolk!

This contemporary wall hanging will feature your parent’s first and last names, as well as the year they became a team. This is another classic gift that can fit in just about anywhere - from the office to the lounge and everywhere in between!

Custom Song Name Print

Custom Song Names Premium Photo Print Black
This one hit the top of my list for originality (and awesomeness in general)!

While the example image below shows a wedding photo (you could do this with an image of your parents and ‘their song’ if you like), the possibilities are endless with this unique print. Imagine a photo of you and your Dad, complete with a Spotify mention of a song you’d love him to remember you by.

In Conclusion:

When we fight our way through all the balloons and bouquets and stuffed animals, we find that the core value of Valentine’s Day is appreciating our loved ones. So why not make February 14th a day to remember for the Dad in your life by giving them something to treasure all year long?