Best Gifts Every Dad Will Love

Aug 28, 2020

Shopping for your dad should be easy, shouldn’t it?

All it takes is a quick drive to Home Depot to get that new power drill right?

Or maybe you can head on over to Lowes for that charcoal grill he’s always wanted?

Oh, where can one get a John Deere lawn mower these days?

Ah if only it were that simple.

If your dad is a true dad, he probably already has enough tools, his dream grill, and is too stubborn to give up his push mower.

Besides, that stuff is so generic and impersonal.

Instead, why don’t you try getting him something you can add a personal touch to that shows him you really care.

At Family Gifts Co. we have tons of gifts every dad will love!

We customize beautifully crafted and customizable mugs, canvas paintings and prints, so that each one is unique and one of a kind.

Below are some of the best gift ideas for dad from our website.

Canvases & Prints

Each canvas from Family Gifts Co. is made in house from sturdy pine frames.

We have a wide variety of canvas and art prints, from beautiful scenery or simple designs, all of which are customizable.

Here are some prints that will make the perfect gift for your dad.

Multi-Names Premium Canvas

  • 24x16 - $69.95
  • 36x24 - $99.95
  • 48x32 - $159.95

Multi Names Premium Canvas

These multi-name canvases feature rustic, wooden signs reminiscent of those used to mark intersecting trails.

Each sign is customizable so you can include every member of your family, up to ten names.

Just be sure to put your name at the top so your dad knows which kid is his favorite!

There are also several choices of gorgeous, scenic backgrounds.

Above is the Ocean Sunset Color version, but options include:

  • Ocean Breeze
  • Mountain Range
  • American Barn
  • Lake Dock
  • Autumn Road
  • And more!

Canvases also come in vibrant colors or black and white, as well as realistic photos or artistic/cartoon prints.

First A Dad Premium Canvas

  • 24x16 - $69.95
  • 36x24 - $99.95
  • 48x32 - $159.95

Did you naively think it would become easier to shop for your dad after you became a dad yourself?

Well, if you’re still struggling, Family Gift Co. has the perfect gift for the new grandfather in your family.

The First A Dad canvas marks the dates your dad became your dad and a grandpa to the new little ball of joy that is your child.

One glance at this simple but elegantly designed print is all it will take to get your dad to fondly remember the happiest moments of his life.

It will also give him no excuse to forget your birthday next year.

Veteran Name Premium Canvas

  • 24x16 - $69.95
  • 36x24 - $99.95
  • 48x32 - $159.95

Want to give your dad more than a “thank you for your service” this veteran’s day?

Well with this American Flag Dog Tag canvas you can!

Nothing makes a dad more proud than knowing his child is proud of him.

And with this patriotic, star-spangled canvas, he can display this double pride proudly on his wall.

Ocean Sunset- This Is Us Premium Canvas

  • 24x16 - $69.95
  • 36x24 - $99.95
  • 48x32 - $159.95

Is your family a little bit crazy? Is your family a little bit loud? But underneath all of that, does your family have a whole lot of love?

If this describes your family, then your dad will love this canvas.

Every time he looks at it, he will affectionately remember his loving but slightly dysfunctional family as he chuckles and slightly shakes his head.

Custom Commission Premium Canvas

  • 24x16 - $69.99
  • 36x24 - $109.99
  • 48x32 - $159.99

Are none of these canvas prints what you are looking for? If so, the 100% custom commissioned canvas is the way to go.

With this option, you can customize more than just names and dates.

When ordering, describe your dream canvas with as much detail as possible, and really use your imagination!

You can also include reference photos.

No matter what you include though, it is guaranteed to be 100% unique and one of a kind!

Custom Mugs

Family Gifts Co. also sells customizable coffee mugs!

And everyone knows that dads love their coffee. Do you think raising you was easy?

No, it was energy draining and involved a lot of sleepless nights. He needed something to keep him going during the day.

Which makes a coffee mug a great gift for dads!

Father & Daughter State Mug

  • 11oz. - $17.95
  • 15 oz. - $21.95

With this father-daughter mug, you can show you’re still daddy’s little girl, whether you’re one state away, or you moved from New York to California to chase your dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress.

There is also a custom state mug with a blank slate if you want to get a father-son mug, or get even more personal with names (custom mug prices: 11oz.- $19.95 and 15oz.- $23.95).

In addition, there is a custom countries one, where you can pick two countries instead of states, in case you really needed to get away from home.

For More Gifts Dad Will Love

Are none of these gifts quite doing it for you?

Then head on over to our online shop at and browse for yourself!

We have a ton more designs to choose from, each customizable to make a perfect gift for your dad.

Browse our general selection, or check out our hand-picked section of some of the best gifts for dad.

Just go to the top left section of our website, click Shop -> Gift Ideas -> Gifts For Dad.

Whatever occasion it is, we guarantee you will find the perfect gift for dad at Family Gift Co.!